Migration Services – Hardware, Software & Data Center

Migration Services

Blue Chip is your single source for a total start to finish migration/relocation solution.

Blue Chip delivers both standard IMAC (installs, moves, additions, changes) services for local moves and migration services for larger data center moves to any location within Portugal.

Hardware Migration

Our service includes:

  • A full logistical survey at required destinations.
  • Site preparation and migration planning.
  • Removal and disposal of packaging and redundant equipment which is in compliance with legal legislation.
  • Secured vehicles and high specification elevators.
  • Specialist handling equipment, protective packaging materials and floor protection plates.

Our team of dedicated engineers will be on hand to de-install and install your equipment at both sites, guaranteeing your system downtime is kept to a minimum. Our professional and courteous logistics team will endeavor to make the system relocation simple and stress free with planning.

Software Migration

If you are replacing a system we can help with the software migration, preloading your new System with your data and if necessary upgrading the OS level. We can also arrange the transfer of license programs from your old system and help you to get the license keys for your new system.