Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Blue Chip can supply and install servers ranging from the smallest web server up to large scale virtualization platforms.

Blue Chip will discuss both your technical and commercial requirements in advance to establish your business needs and how best to implement systems to meet these needs.

Why Choose Blue Chip to Implement Hardware Changes?

Your business necessities are at the heart of what we do. Before any implementation can take place Blue Chip will discuss with you what you need from your business IT in order to establish what is 100% correct./

Once your needs have been addressed technically, the implementation typically follows the process outlined below:

  • Comprehensive testing is carried out in house to ensure that your system is exactly what you need prior to delivery.
  • Your Hardware will be delivered by our in house logistics team ensuring that your system is delivered safely and on time.
  • Installation is performed by a dedicated team of fully qualified customer engineers who are also responsible for maintaining hardware in your geographic area.

Whatever your requirement we will provide the best and most impartial advice possible to help build the correct solution for your company.