Intel Server Disaster Recovery

Intel Server Disaster Recovery

Renowned for our IBM Disaster Recovery services, Blue Chip are also providers of Intel server business continuity and disaster recovery services. We are able to support the full range of Intel Servers and deliver economical and technologically sound business continuity solutions.

Blue Chip's Intel Disaster Recovery service ensures that should a disaster occur we will provide a replacement Intel server of equal or greater capability for your business to utilize at one of our data center or a location of your choice.

Business Continuity Services for Intel Servers

Blue Chip's Warm Start Intel service dramatically reduces the time to restore your servers and also ensures the process is completed smoothly without complications. Images of your critical servers can be created and stored on our Secure NAS (Network Attached Storage) within our secure recovery center ready to be deployed in the event of a failure.

Where a major software or application failure occurs but the server is still available Blue Chip will attend site and transfer the image from our NAS back onto the server. Once the image is installed the incremental changes are then restored from the relevant backup options.

If the customer's hardware is unusable or the customer's site is unavailable the process will be the same, only using Blue Chip's Intel servers.

Intel Services – Disaster Recovery from Blue Chip

Within 12 hours of reporting an emergency you will be provided with all of the following:

  • Replacement Server(s) of the same or greater specification.
  • Data Center Recovery - Intel Server data being restored ready for use at the Blue Chip Disaster Recovery Center.
  • Intel technicians will then help to restore the incremental backup data from the tape backups.

Blue Chip's service also includes:

  • 1 annual visit for image collection.
  • Recovery plan and documentation.