IBM AIX Disaster Recovery

IBM AIX Disaster Recovery

Estimates suggest large companies spend up to 10% of their IT budget’s on disaster recovery contingencies and planning. For any company that experiences a significant loss of IT infrastructure and data, recovery can be extremely difficult and the consequences can be irreversibly damaging.

Blue Chip's IBM Power System AIX disaster recovery service guarantees that in the event that your organization suffers a disaster, we will provide a replacement IBM server, available to you to work on from our data center, or we can deliver to any site within Portugal minimizing serious damage to your business.

Blue Chip has a number of IBM Servers and engineers available for disaster recovery. We can cover the complete range of all IBM Power Systems (AIX) from the latest POWER 9, 8, 7+, 7 & 6 systems through to the older p5 POWER5 systems and legacy RS/6000's.

12 Hour IBM Disaster Recovery

Within 12 hours of reporting an emergency you will be provided with all of the following:

  • A replacement Server of the same or greater capacity.
  • Install and testing by our technicians.
  • Data Center Recovery - data being restored ready for use at the Blue Chip Disaster Recovery Center.

Experienced IBM support technicians to help restore your complete system, start to finish.

Blue Chip's service also includes:

  • 1 annual visit for image/backup collection.
  • Recovery plan and documentation.