Remote Management & Monitoring Services

Remote Management & Monitoring Services

Blue Chip offer Remote Management services and Remote Monitoring solutions throughout the UK across a number of different platforms.


Remote Management is the process of accessing and controlling I.T. infrastructure without having to be physically connected to it. Blue Chip specialise in the Remote Management and Monitoring of IBM pSeries and iSeries and with over 20 years experience of IBM systems we are able to quickly asses and resolve issues.

Monitoring can be through our Data Center. Providing 24 x 7 support and resolution or internally within your own location be that a Data Center or IT Department.

Resolution of predicted issues through monitoring increases uptime and high availability of system protecting your revenue streams.

The Benefits of Remote Management from Blue Chip:

  • Manage large numbers of systems and computers without the need for physical access.
  • Diagnose and address potential issues before outages occur 24 x 7.
  • Expert management ensures that your critical iSeries and pSeries are always running smoothly meaning you can focus on running your business.

Remote Monitoring

Through acquisition Itheon the leading Remote Monitoring Solution Company is now part of the Blue Chip Group allowing ust to offer the latest in proactive Remote monitoring solutions.

Itheon solutions have been designed to support your entire infrastructure monitoring requirements to ensure the highest level of the availability of those systems to the all areas of your business.

At the heart of all Itheon solutions is the business service management portal which allows all monitored parts of your infrastructure to be aligned with the business areas they support. This enables immediate visualisation and notification to the impact that those critical systems have on the business and dramatically reduces the time to resolve them ensuring minimal business impact.

By encompassing flexible and rigorous pro active monitoring and automation solutions across all of your platforms, both physical and virtual combined with deep application monitoring ensures that whatever your business relies on is delivered to its highest availability at all times regardless of your environment.

Some Platforms
Some Applications
 Active Directory

By automatically resolving potential issues as well as mundane tasks your business systems are not only more resilient but unbudgeted and potentially expensive malfunctions are averted allowing your IT staff to support your business better.

Every IT department has to deliver more and more services to the business without the increase in resources sometimes required. Since 1987 Itheon solutions have allowed companies to deliver more with the knowledge that all the critical systems are monitored and available with robust, scalable solutions designed for your business.

We don't just monitor for failure within your IT environment

We actively prevent failure

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