Installation and Migration

Installation and Migration Projects

Any installation and migration project can be a frightening prospect for organizations running business critical applications.

Blue Chip’s installation and migration solutions provide a service where the project is completely managed from start to finish, eliminating the stress associated with such a potentially large interruption to your usual IT service.

Total Start to Finish Professional Installation and Migration

Blue Chip’s project management team will perform a full assessment of all the physical, technical and logistical aspects of your site and its infrastructure.

From the assessment we construct a comprehensive plan for migration and installation which ensures that downtime and disruption is kept to an absolute minimum allowing business practices to continue as normal.

Why Choose Blue Chip to Migrate and Install?

  • Comprehensive planning.
  • Minimal downtime in line with agreed SLA’s.
  • Complete risk assessment.
  • Specialist IT equipment removal/transportation, installation and people.
  • Warranties and insurance maintained throughout the procedure.
  • Full data security throughout.
  • Expert execution.