I.T. Audits

I.T. Audit Services

Independent validation of IT controls provides a unique, unbiased perspective into the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your controls program. This perspective provides assurance to senior leadership and management that their risk strategies and control objectives are functioning consistently.

At Blue Chip, we understand that the IT audit function works most effectively with management - collaborating on risk, control objectives, and testing - to provide meaningful results and recommendations. While we respect and observe independence from management, we do not advise isolated independence that can prevent a solid understanding of organizational business objectives and priorities.

Our IT audit services are scalable to fit your requirements from strategic, risk-based audit planning and execution, to tactical control audits to eliminate any fears about security.

Some of the issues covered are listed below:

  • Security level and security risk assessment.
  • Level of protection and redundancy.
  • User password and authority maintenance.
  • Configuration maintenance.
  • Resource utilization.
  • Backup procedures.
  • Recovery plan.