Hardware & Software Sales

Hardware & Software Sales

If your business is already operating from a virtualized environment or is at looking the transition to one then Blue Chip can help you to with your present and future capacity requirements by supplying the right hardware and software to enable you to make this a reality.

As a long established independent hardware and software supplier Blue Chip provide advice and options that are designed to meet the customer needs.

Improving Existing Infrastructure

If you are already operating a virtualized environment for your IT infrastructure but require new software or hardware to improve its efficiency, enhance its capacity or consolidate your servers, Blue Chip are able to work with you to establish what your precise requirements are, and meet them accordingly whether that is just new software or new servers, we can help.

Establishing Infrastructure

If you are looking to obtain the hardware and software needed to create a fully virtualized environment and move from physical to virtual then Blue Chip can supply you with exactly what your business needs to create this environment. It will be designed to meet your present business needs while also achieving the flexibility to grow and adapt with ease in the future.

Ongoing Support for Virtualization

Blue Chip offers a full range of ongoing support, maintenance and data center services for any virtualized environment.

With vast experience in delivering solutions that protect your critical business systems and maximize availability, Blue Chip are ideally placed to provide any necessary ongoing support you may require for your virtualized IT environment.