Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

If your company is looking for an alternative, better and more economical IT maintenance service provider, you have come to the right place. Blue Chip is the largest independent hardware maintenance provider in Portugal.

Blue Chip provides expert maintenance and support for all types of IT equipment. Blue Chip can cover almost everything, from the largest and latest enterprise servers to models which are no longer wish to supported by the manufacturer.

Hardware Maintenance

Our specialization enables our contract structure to be flexible and comprehensive, helping your company to continue to change whilst maintaining the competitive advantage.

The unique benefit that we offer all customers is our extensive experience and expertise on all servers, storage sub-systems and Intel equipment. Indeed we are the only true specialists apart from the manufacturer itself.

Service & Support

All of our maintenance engineering team and technical support staff are specialized in various systems, and any attached storage sub-systems.

This has a great impact on our level of service (SLA), resulting in the speed and efficiency we display when diagnosing and resolving all hardware problems.