Operating System Maintenance

Operating System Maintenance

The pace of technology change is unstoppable. The resources and costs necessary to maintain an acceptable level of technology and product knowledge is significant on your IT budgets.

Blue Chip can help by removing the necessity to provide internal resources, reducing costs through both onsite and offsite maintenance services. Blue Chip's technical support group has over 30 years experience working on i/OS, OS/400 and AIX operating systems, and delivers a high level of technical competence to our customers and our field engineering team.

Blue Chip's operating system helpdesk is designed to strengthen and backup your existing support resources without the need to budget for any additional and necessary skills.

Blue Chip has a team of highly trained ex-IBM support staff available locally and internationally with access to a vast combination of expertise and in depth knowledge.

  • 30 minute call back response.
  • Unlimited calls or fixed number of calls package.
  • Reduces the need for immediate training on all new products.
  • Secure temporary remote sign-on available via our agent.