Optimize Resources - Hardware e Software

Optimize Resources - Hardware e Software

Optimizing your resources aims to avoid unnecessary investments in new technologies that do not meet the real needs of the business or which are over-dimensioned, while the existing technology is not being used to its full potential or being used inefficiently.

Both scenarios frequently arise and can often be found coexisting in a single organization.

One of the main tasks of Blue Chip is to qualify the perception that new or additional "capacity is cheap." Although, as a result of the falling cost of computer hardware and software applications the cost of increasing capacity may initially not be very great, but administering and maintaining a disproportionate infrastructure can be very expensive in the long term especially when it was never required in the first place!

The main benefits of good efficient resource optimization are:

  • The performance of IT resources is optimized for performance and efficiency when required.
  • Unnecessary expenses caused by unnecessary purchases are avoided.
  • Growth of the infrastructure is planned, allowing it to be matched to real business needs.
  • The cost of maintenance and administration associated with unnecessary hardware and applications are reduced.

In summary - the full use of existing resources is rationalized, and consequently costs are reduced.