Itheon BPM

Itheon BPM

Hardware Monitoring

Blue Chip's Itheon BPM offers multiple and cross-platform Server Monitoring and Automation. Easy to use and easy to install, our Hardware Monitoring solutions can be utilized for IBM Power server Monitoring, Unix Server Monitoring, Windows Server Monitoring, OpenVMS Server Monitoring, Linux Server Monitoring and Virtualized Server Monitoring.

Constantly monitoring your hardware, Itheon BPM provides an unrivalled level of automation through intelligent alerting and automated alert fixes and/or engineer dispatch. This level of automation ensures your valuable IT resources are able to focus on driving your business forwards, whilst being notified of any hardware issues when absolutely necessary.

Whatever your business relies on - we monitor!

Whatever your business needs - we manage!

Operating System Monitoring

Itheon BPM provides easily configurable, proactive monitoring and problem solving for any size and almost any type of operating system environment, from a single server to cluster or parallel processing platforms. Itheon BPM covers all the marquee platforms available.

  • Windows
  • Unix (all versions)
  • Linux
  • i/OS, and AIX
  • VMS

Constantly monitoring and reporting on all aspects of Operating System performance and resources, Itheon BPM can manage and maintain every aspect of each operating system it covers, from headline data to nano detail. For example;

  • Every available Operating System metric available to our solution.
  • Operations, such as whether critical services are running or applications have started.
  • Performance criteria, such as CPU, I/O and memory.
  • Storage criteria, such as free disk space, database size and log file size.
  • Long term data analysis or real time analysis.
  • Automated Fixes carried out.
  • Displayed under a single umbrella platform.
  • Multi criteria Intelligent Alerting.

The data received from these platforms is filtered through our built in intelligence so that only real problems are displayed. This delivers meaningful role specific information to your teams.

Application Monitoring

Itheon BPM application monitoring provides a powerful means of monitoring and managing mission critical applications.

Running 24x7, our application monitoring and automation software never misses mission critical events. Any issues are met with role specific notifications and intelligent, automated actions that would otherwise have to be performed by an experienced operator, taking up precious time and resources.

Marquee Products such as:

  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • Exchange
  • JD Edwards
  • Figaro

monitored out of the box.

Bespoke applications monitored by simple configuration.

Functional as an ‘out of the box’ solution, Itheon BPM Application Monitoring services don’t just monitor for failure, they actively prevent it.

Building and Infrastructure Monitoring

Itheon BPM enables proactive monitoring of all building and infrastructure components, including:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Storage
  • Software
  • Building Systems

Simple to deploy, flexible and easy to use, our infrastructure monitoring solutions allow for the monitoring of all aspects of your business, buildings and infrastructure.

The key features of Itheon BPM infrastructure monitoring include:

  • Performance monitoring of all network devices.
  • Every Metric Available from every device.
  • Autodiscover.
  • Alerting, tracking and Reporting.
  • Availability monitoring 24x7.
  • Connectivity monitoring 24x7.
  • Role specific incident reporting.