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Blue Chip Portugal

Founded in 1987, Blue Chip quickly established itself as a specialist in providing the highest quality of service and support of IBM midrange systems. Blue Chip Portugal opened shortly afterwards in 1991. Now with multiple locations in the UK, Europe and with a software development division based in Sri Lanka.

Blue Chip is the largest maintainer of IBM midrange systems in Portugal other than IBM itself. Blue Chip's founding principles of service excellence and value for money remain the corner stone of its appeal today.

However, the range and depth of the current service and solutions portfolio reflects the complex needs of its Clients. Although IBM maintenance remains a key service Blue Chip has become a leading facilitator of Cloud Computing strategies and virtualization.

Focused on the delivery of business data and applications Blue Chip has invested in both Customer site based services and a range of services and solutions that are delivered from one of three data centers.

Significant investment has been made in its flagship, tier 4, data center located near Bedford and in the technical staff committed to supporting its Customers.

Since its foundation Blue Chip has considered that its employees are its most important asset. Today, Blue Chip employs some of the industry’s leading experts in IBM midrange systems. Beyond this Blue Chip has invested heavily in the skills necessary to deliver the highest level of customer service for all of its offers and solutions.

Exceeding Customer expectation and always seeking to improve the Customer experience remains a fundamental part of our strategy.