Data Availability Solutions

Data Availability Solutions

Maintaining access to the increasing amounts of data modified and stored every day is imperative to an organizations ability to increase revenue. Regardless of the volume of data and levels of security involved, Blue Chip can provide the right solution for your business to ensure that all your critical data is immediately available when you need it.

Blue Chip provides comprehensive services designed to ensure that your data is always available at your required level of performance even in the most extreme conditions. We will manage your data, problem free to ensure that loss of data is not an issue that will adversely affect your business.

Scalable solutions are available to meet your business needs in the most secure and cost effective means possible, whether you require a fundamental solution such as secure off-site storage, a traditional method such as secure data vaulting a comprehensive solution such as real time data replication or a fully featured, dedicated high availability environment created just for your business.

Data Availability Services

The availability of your data and service is the most important part of Blue Chips Managed Hosting Services. Ensuring secure, process driven management of data allows us to deliver a managed hosting service that provides the level of data availability required by your company.

With a range of solutions available, Blue Chip work with you to understand the specific necessities of your organization, recommending with discussion a solution that provides the data availability service that meets your needs.

Blue Chip is able to deliver and provide expert advice on:

  • Managed back-ups.
  • High availability.
  • Data replication.
  • Data vaulting.
  • Off-site tape storage.
  • Data protection.
  • Media management.

The ongoing maintenance and management of your data availability solution forms part of our service. Media management and high availability ensure the reliability of both your hardware and software, as well as managing your data to provide maximum availability and high security.